Is Your Marketing Communications/PR an Innie or Outie?
Many a marcom/PR exec has asked the age-old question of whether tis better to retain this function totally inside or work with one or more outside partners. The argument can be made for both sides, but the answer is likely to depend on budgets and goals.

While in-house employees know their companies inside and out, their focus on one company can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Working with a variety of companies, especially those in the same industry, can provide a broader knowledge base and experience with a variety of communications strategies and disciplines.

In contrast, in-house staffers experience only the strategies that their company leaders adopt, which could limit a company’s reach and success. Employees usually have to fulfill other roles/administrative functions, drawing them away from their communications/PR responsibilities. The outsider doesn’t have those same demands and can therefore complete initiatives more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Tips for internal marcom/PR:
· Employees should have some experience under their belt—both inside the industry and outside for a fresh perspective.
· Have a retention plan to keep successful employees.
· Have a backup system to prevent gaps in media outreach.

Tips for outside marcom/PR:
· Work with people you like; there will be lots of contact, and positive chemistry makes the relationship enjoyable.
· Plan regular update calls or meetings; the more you share, the more they know, the more they can help.
· There should be a backup on your account.
· Understand how continuity of knowledge and practice is protected on your account.
· Know the team who actually works on your account; it should have a variety of experience levels and industry knowledge.

Who’s handling your marcom/PR? Are you happy with your results? Let us know how you make it work.