I was nearing a project deadline and was particularly annoyed with a deluge of emails, including a barrage of newsletters I subscribe to. It got me questioning the value of those newsletters. After all, there are copious amounts of information available 24/7 through dozens of social networks. So should we cross newsletters off of our marketing budgets?


Here are a few points to consider:

  • Audience: Do your target markets “do” social media? Would they prefer email?

A newsletter enables you to segment your markets and target specific segments   with appropriate content. Some content may be useful in closing “hot” prospects.

News from newsletters posted on other websites reaches different audiences.


  • Timing: Is it beneficial to control when your news is distributed (email) or posted?

Social media fills the “cracks” between email newsletters.


  • Objective: Is a newsletter an appropriate channel for achieving your objectives?

Linking channels is a smart strategy for achieving frequency and broadening your



  • Message: Take advantage of the synergy offered by blog posts and social media to turbo-charge your messages.


  • Brand: meaningful content boosts brand recognition and reminds existing customers about your products/services and expertise.


So what do you think? Are newsletters still a viable part of your marketing mix?