Do you agree that the past year has felt more like a decade in terms of increased responsibilities, stress, and sacrifices? It’s been an emotional seesaw. Like other dire disastrous circumstances inflicted by disasters, COVID gave us grief as well as gifts.

SCHWEGMAN professionals were fortunate to have 20+ years of experience operating our marketing organization virtually. It certainly eliminated added pressure of having to adapt to yet another major change in our lives.

While traditional agencies may have had to swerve to get in the swing of it, we’ve been practicing virtual skills for some time. Because we were totally comfortable, we were able to support our clients’ move to meeting and collaborating in cyberspace.

We were able to recommend technologies and ease them into what is now their normal. Collaborative communications with clients are easier, and progress continues to flow.

But I sense something different about our internal and external relationships that I credit to COVID and as a result of the isolation we’ve experienced in quarantine. We seem to have infused compassion, patience, and humanity into our business world? And I like it!

We’ve heard countless examples of people helping others. These acts of kindness have inspired us to work a little harder to make our clients more successful, and made us more sensitive in recognizing our colleagues’ efforts. As a result, we’ve become “closer”.

This resurrection of civility, respect, and kindness forge a unity of purpose that leads to success in our personal and professional lives. 

Words matter. Content matters. So swerve a little. And if you don’t know where to start, call us. We do.