Silence is NOT Golden

When companies tell me they haven’t had good luck with PR in the past, the first question I ask is: How often did you reach out to the media? Who was assigned to own media outreach?

Typically, they don’t know the answer to either question, which in itself is quite telling. Building relationships with media is a nurturing process that requires a steady, planned approach. Issuing news releases and reaching out intermittently, sporadically, or haphazardly doesn’t work. It’s kind of like when a friend calls only when they want something. How does that make you feel?

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Securing a Feature Article

Do reporters know your company name but nothing about your organization? Are you tired of only being mentioned in articles when your competition is being quoted and getting all of the ink?  Here are six tips to help transform your company from one that gets mentioned to one with top billing in a full feature spread.

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Enhancements Make PeopleNet In-Cab Navigation Easier for Drivers and Back Office to Use, Fleets to Reduce Out-of-Route Miles

PeopleNet, a leading provider of innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems for effective fleet management, today announced enhancements for its In-Cab Navigation, powered by Maptuit® NaviGo™, that make it easier for both drivers and back-office personnel to use. According to PeopleNet COO Brian McLaughlin, “These enhancements are based on driver feedback and fleet requests, reflecting the pursuit of continuous improvement to meet user needs shared by Maptuit and PeopleNet. Efficiency is job number one, and the new route compliance and map details provide valuable information that help drivers save time by pinpointing exact arrival locations that meet customer guidelines and more, and fleets save money by reducing out-of-route miles.” Read News Release

Measuring & Evaluating Public Relations

I love PR and our clients love it even more. It’s effective and inexpensive. However, it also can become an economic drain and a sinkhole for unmet expectations if you don’t do it right. So make sure you determine how your organization is going to assess the value of your PR program’s results.


There are a number of ways to measure whether your PR efforts and expectations are in alignment but know that even the experts disagree on how much time and money are should be involved and how results should be measured. Measuring is one thing, evaluation is quite another. But neither can be done without first establishing expectations.

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Create Streaming Hot Press Kits

What’s the deal? Even fresh-faced PR folks know that If you’re sincere about developing relationships with media folks, a press kit is among the essentials, if not the top one. Given its importance, I’m shocked to find so many so bland. Content as well as design should make it easy and fun if you want to pull the journalist in.

Flamboyant Fact Sheet

Who says backgrounders or fact sheets can’t be creative as well as educational? Our digital world opens up endless possibilities. Consider conveying the company’s personality with a controversial story/framework. Add graphics where appropriate. You might even think about a video background piece that may include some humor. You have more creative license in a video to add some obvious puffery. If you go the video route, make sure there’s a text version available as well. The point is do something to make your fact sheet different than others in your space. It will pay off when a reporter needs a resource and immediately recalls yours.

More to the Mix

In addition to the profile that summarizes your company—primary business, history, market needs and products/services that fulfill them, distribution, locations, management—include the most recent news release, capabilities brochure, customer testimonials/references, and a case study or two. It goes without saying (but you’d be shocked at the schlock out there), all pieces should be well written (releases and fact sheet in AP style).

Share your creativity in making your company’s profile a standout.